NMISA_QC50 High_ Aflatoxin M1 in freeze dried milk powder (1.227  μg/kg)- QC

NMISA_QC50 High_ Aflatoxin M1 in freeze dried milk powder (1.227 μg/kg)- QC

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  • Product code: NMISA_QC50 High
  • Concentration: 1.227 μg/kg Aflatoxin M1 in freeze dried milk powder
  • Analytes: Aflatoxin M1 
  • Matrix/Solvent: Freeze dried milk powder
  • Packaging: Amber glass ampoule
  • Volume: 2 x 20 g freeze dried powder
  • Description: Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites originating from fungus growing on various agricultural commodities. Extensive, and strictly enforced, regulations exist both locally and internationally, which stipulate maximum tolerable levels for mycotoxins in various food and feed commodities. Accurate measurements therefore ensure the correct enforcement of these regulations; protecting the health and safety of consumers and removing any technical barriers to trade.
    Lactating cattle which have consumed aflatoxin contaminated feed, metabolise these toxins to aflatoxin M1 and M2, which may be present in the milk. With milk being an important nutritional source for children, and its use any many processed foods, the accurate detection and quantification of this carcinogenic metabolite is critical to protect consumers.
    NMISA is therefore providing proficiency testing schemes (PTSs), reference materials (RMs) and certified reference materials for mycotoxins in various regionally consumed and exported food products. These will assist laboratories in demonstrating measurement comparability and continued laboratory competence for the measurement of these mycotoxins in contaminated foodstuffs.