Advanced Dimensional Metrology

Advanced Dimensional Metrology

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Date: 21 - 25 October 2024

Duration: 5 days. 

Venue: NMISA Training Center, Building 4, CSIR Campus, Pretoria

Course Objectives

To obtain an in-depth understanding of Dimensional Metrology. The course built on the Basic dimensional metrology course explaining the key principles and techniques used in dimensional metrology. The traceability from the SI unit, the metre to the industry measurement is explained together with terminology used in the field of metrology. These key techniques are essential when calculating uncertainties of the measuring systems. From simple comparator measurements to complex uncertainty calculations considering error models of e.g. universal measuring machine and laser-based measuring systems. The course is focusing on the calibration and development of dimensional instruments; e.g. Gauge Blocks comparator, Universal measuring instruments, Screw Thread calibration, Laser systems etc.

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